iOS Developer training


Additional Information

 Pre-requisite iOS Developer training: 

  • Anyone who has minimum bachelor degree
  • Must own a MacBook Laptop
  • Existing programming knowledge is nice to have but not must
  • Approx. 3+ Months of rigorous hands-on training
  • 100% online training/Remote with possible in person meetings in Dallas, TX
  • Assignment and Interview preparation
  • Must be committed to learn

Course description: 

  • Core ML and ARKit
  • A Walkthrough of the Xcode Development Environment
  • Download the Swift Cheat Sheet and a Map of Xcode
  • The Anatomy of an iOS App
  • OS Interface Builder
  • Sideloading in iOS
  • Coding Challenge #1 - Using Interface Builder in Xcode
  • Build a iOS Dice App to Learn Swift Programming Basics
  • Coding Challenge #2 - Swift Data Types, Variables and Arrays
  • Programming in Swift 4 for Beginners [Using Swift Playgrounds]
  • Apple iOS APIs - Make a Music App
  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern - Make a Quiz App
  • Set up the Project
  • iOS Auto Layout and Setting Constraints
  • Programming in Swift 4 for Intermediates
  • Classes and Objects
  • Cocoapods, GPS, APIs, REST and Getting Web Content - Weather App
  • Setting up the Skeleton Project
  • The Command Line and Terminal
  • Introduction to the Command Line
  • Coding Challenge #4 - Cocoapods, REST, APIs - Build a Bitcoin Price Tracker
  • How to Set up and Use the UIPicker Class
  • Cloud Database, iOS Animations and Advanced Swift - Make a WhatsApp Clone
  • What is Firebase?
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control
  • Core Data, Realm, User Defaults - Learn Persistent Local Data Storage - Todoey
  • Subclassing a UITableViewController
  • iOS 11 - CoreML - How to Incorporate Machine Learning into Your iOS Apps
  • What is CoreMLL
  • How to Install and Use Carthage as a Dependency Manager
  • iOS 11 - Advanced CoreML - How to Convert Pre-Trained Models Using CoreML Tools
  • Installing CoremlTools using Python PIP
  • iOS 11 - ARKit - How to Make Augmented Reality Apps in iOS
  • Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARKit
  • How to Submit Your App to the App Store
  • How to Publish Your App on to the App Store
  • Resources to Check Out When You're Ready to Publish
  • Useful Tools to Help You with App Submissions

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